Why Cloud?
Cloud Services Are Here To Stay!
There are three major benefits for organisations using Cloud based IT services.

The first is cost. The reduction of hardware and infrastructure and the ability to only pay for what you use will generally mean that you will save money over a traditionally purchased "on-premise" solution.

The second is people efficiency. The ability to securely access you data and work whenever and wherever you want will increase efficiency and staff satisfaction.

The third benefit is about organisational agility by using IT as you need it, as a whole or within smaller teams. Removing much of the need of significant upfront investment in hardware and software licenses mean that the organisation can react and move faster.

Cloud based services are often described as being more environmentally efficient and to a large degree this is true. The ability to run servers at a much higher utilisation because of scale reduces the carbon footprint of the service.

Securing your business

There has been much discussion about data security. Indeed it can be very hard for an organisation to recover quickly from a major data loss. Security is a multi-layered problem from physical security of a building, passwords, data access and management of threats and attacks. Companies who are storing data on your behalf normally take data security very seriously; however there are exceptions, which is why at Acuity we are very careful in our own due diligence on what sort of company we will work with. We have chosen to work with some of the best well known brands out there but we are also happy to work with a smaller provider if their approach to security is strong and robust.

Cloud: Getting started guide

If you have already decided that you want to reduce your costs and reduce your IT headache then using Cloud Services from Acuity could not be easier.

Cloud Bundles

Acuity Cloud Bundles are unique today in offering you the end user a chance to buy your IT as you would buy your Satellite TV package. Similar to the Satellite TV companies we bring together the best IT services that you will find most useful and make them available at a great bundled price.

You can add additional services as you need them and they are flexible to your organisational changes.

We all need IT

Most users need the same equipment and services to perform their duties, phone, e-mail, PC/Notebook etc. And yet up until now there has not been a complete set of service package to fulfil this need. Not until now that is. We at Acuity have recently launched a package of services that covers just about all our customer's need.

All in one : One for all

Acuity Cloud eMail is a cost effective and versatile bundle of Cloud Services. With the Acuity Cloud eMail bundle you cover all the normal needs of an office or mobile worker. You get a world class email system giving you access any way you want. You get effective protection from spam and malicious code both in your email and on your desktop or laptop computer. And to round it off you get an enterprise class backup of all your mail and all at only 9 euro per month per user.

The above bundle is just one example of Cloud Services that we provide. Cloud has become a buzz word in the IT industry but for us it is business as usual and this is what we do.

What about my data?

What about my important documents and files I hear you say? Well Acuity has many products that allows you to store your data securely offsite in the Cloud.

Acuity Cloud Workplace

With Acuity Cloud Workplace your files are all safely backed up continuously. But not only that they are available through your iPhone or Android phone. You can share files on the go and invite customers to see the folders of your choice. Create project teams with joint access to files and manage rights for team members. All starting at a modest 30 euro per month for 5 users.


The above examples of Acuity Cloud Solutions are only a sample of how you can become more productive and flexible as a company while saving your business valuable Euros. Please contact us to learn more about how you can get rid of your local server, how you can get the flexibility of scaling your cost mass up or down as times are good or bad. Let us have a look at how you can save time and money by focusing on your core business instead of running small scale IT.