Acuity Cloud eMail
Microsoft Exchange as a service

How does Microsoft Exchange 2007 work as a service?

  • Get predictable costs through a fixed price per user and month
  • Full flexibility, quick and easy to adjust if you need to change the number of users
  • Maximum security, with external data center
  • Frees up time for existing IT staff to work with your business critical applications. No maintenance, no hardware investments, always updated, and guaranteed uptime
  • Delivered with a service-level agreement (SLA) governing the guaranteed availability
  • All necessary Microsoft licenses are included in your subscription fee. Should you have a Microsoft volume agreement with Software Assurance you may use it to receive an even lower monthly subscription fee
  • Climate impact is less with larger data centers

  • What happens if we decide to buy Exchange as a service?

  • We will agree on a delivery plan that includes a date on which the delivery will start, if you want our help to migrate your old e-mail and whether or not you wish to have a support contract with us
  • We will need basic information from you such as users' current e-mail addresses, any common e-mail addresses, and the domains involved
  • We will take care of all the practicalities in close cooperation with your staff during the migration. Normally, we recommend the migration to be scheduled on a Friday, so that everything is ready by Monday morning when your employees return to work again
  • Each user needs to do some simple settings in their Outlook which is something we can facilitate in doing after which the users are ready to begin using their new Exchange e-mail. If mobile e-mail is used (so-called push mail), we can also be of service and help you configure your mobile devices
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Which e-mail address do we receive? Do we have to switch?

    Answer: There is no need to change e-mail addresses, all users can keep the same address as they had previously. All alias addresses and common e-mail addresses can also be kept the same.

    What happens to all the 'old' e-mail that we have?

    Answer: We perform a so-called migration, which means we move all the old e-mails, address books, and calendars into the new e-mail account if you wish.

    What happens if we lose our Internet connection?

    Answer: Basically, nothing happens. All e-mails sent to you are stored on our Exchange servers and will be delivered to you once you have regained your Internet connection. This is generally a better solution than having your own server, which could lose all e-mail sent to you during your downtime.

    How safe is it to outsource our e-mail to you?

    Answer: Our server environment has the highest level of security, and is probably many times safer than having your own Exchange server. In addition, you always own 100 % of your data. Everything between us is governed by clear agreements including the SLA (service-level agreement).

    Where do we turn if we need help and support?

    Answer: We offer help! Your Acuity Support Contract covers all support on our cloud based services.